Frequently Asked Questions


- Is My Paris Rental a real estate agency ?
My Paris Rental is one of the three internet sites used by Paris Rental Management SAS – a company registered with the Paris Chamber of Commerce. Estate agencies are regulated in France and Paris Rental Management has a licence: No 14055, for property rentals and sales and is also a member of the leading federation of estate agents the F.N.A.I.M. with a guarantee of 110.000 €.
- How do I know the apartment exists ?
Paris Rental Management has a signed mandate for each apartment to find tenants for the owner or the owner's representative, if the apartment is under financial management contract with Paris Rental Management SAS.
- What agency fees are there to pay ?
- From 3 months to 6 months: 50% of 1 month's rent.
- From 6 months to 12 months: 75% of 1 month's rent.
- Rental contract 12 months: 1 month's rent.
All agency fees are V.A.T. not included.
- What are the cost savings by using My Paris Rental ?
- No check in fee or fee for the rental contract.
- No agency fee in the case of extension of the lease on twelve month rentals.
- What documents do I need for the rental dossier ?
Company rental:
- For medium sized companies, a copy of the Managing Directors passport or id signed, a company registration document signed and a letter on company headed notepaper confirming the employment of the tenant with the company and the nature and duration of the employment. For multi national companies a rental dossier from Human Resources Director or Financial Director confirm.

Personal rental:
- For a lease as your principle place of residence a full rental dossier is required with documents concerning your employment, last three payslips, annual tax declaration or a bank guarantee or personal guarantee for the length of the contract from a French resident.
- For a medium term rental non renewable as a temporary second home then a rental dossier with a temporary work contract or course registration aswell as a utilities bill from your main residence will be required. Rent payment in advance can be a more practical solution than the bank guarantee or personal guarantee for the length of the contract from a French resident.
- Are the utilities included in the rent ?
- The electricity and gas for heating and hot water are not included in the rent amount and must be paid by the tenant monthly or on presentation of invoice. A practical solution is a monthly fixed advance payment to the owner with an annual calculation for a credit or debit balance. Some owners prefer that the electricity contract is transferred in the name of the tenant.
- Water and rates and the tenant's part of the building charges are generally included in the rent unless otherwise specified.
- The annual Residents Tax "taxe d'habitation" is due by the tenant in the apartment on the 1st January.
- How much notice do I need to terminate the lease ?
One months notice by signed registered letter to the owner or owner's representative is all that is required to give notice to terminate on a furnished apartment rental.
- Can the owner refuse to renew the lease ?
A twelve months lease or principle residence lease is automatically renewable for the same rental period unless the owner writes to the tenant by signed registered letter three months before the end of the rental period. The owner can terminate the lease under these conditions to sell the apartment or for family reasons to live in the apartment.
- How much is the damages deposit ?
Damages deposit is equal to one months rent for company rentals or secondary residence rentals and can be two months rent for a principle residence lease for twelve months.
- When do I get back the damages deposit ?
- The damages deposit is refundable by the owner or the owner's representative within a maximum of three months under French law. A state of the apartment document must be countersigned by both parties to the lease on check out and the keys returned. In the case of damages then an price estimate must be made and presented to the tenant and the sum can subsequently be deducted from the damages deposit and balance returned on the condition that a copy of the invoice is sent with the balance.
- There is a tolerance for normal wear and tear and the apartments under management contract with Paris Rental Management SAS or Paris Visit Services SARL a guarantee that these rules apply.

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