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www.myparisrental.com is a specialist site for selected furnished apartments in the city centre of Paris offering quality and design at good value for money, aswell as a service that includes advice, visits, assistance in the preparation of your rental dossier and negotiation with the owner or owners representative or with your relocation agent or company.

We appreciate and understand from experience that it is not easy to choose the right apartment in the right arrondisement and or secure your preferred apartment, especially for first time rentors and we have a bilingual and multi national team to assist you.

A large number of internet sites have become faceless, offering thousands of sometimes unqualified postings, with the sole purpose of sending you an automatic contract, to get you to sign and to take high commissions for little service and little or no responsibility to owners and rentors alike especially if you are reserving from far away and unable to visit before renting.

Our philosophy is:
- To help and accompany you during the difficult selection process,
- To communicate the plus and negative points of an apartment or area in our experience,
- To assist you in the preparation of a successful rental dossier,
- To mediate between you or your company and the owner for a fair deal and protection for all parties,
- To be available throughout your stay to do our best to solve any issues or incidents,
- To make the check out and inventory, settling of utilities and repayment of rental security deposit, smooth and speedy.

To enable us to offer a global solution for owners and rentors we have partners who are specialist for each part of the rental process and for the different types of rental needs that require particular know how and experience.


Estate agency with three internet sites:
- www.myparisvisit.com specialist for temporary furnished accommodation for training courses, company rentals for short periods, trade shows and exhibitions, fashion and related shows or visiting for leisure.
- www.myparisrental.com company rentals from medium to long term, principle residential lease, sabbatical or secondary residence from three to 12 months.
- www.myparistudio.com the specialist in furnished studios and student accommodation in Paris for rentors studying from a three months language course to a full college year residence or young professionals in a Paris posting for 12 months.
- As well as a network of leading relocation agencies and property finders developed over 8 years in the industry.

Financial Management Company with licence no G5823 and Lloyds Financial Insurance of 900 000 € with a fully regulated Property Management System adapted for furnished apartment rentals.
- Managing relations between for the owners with rentors, collection of rents with rent receipts, communication with building management companies and payment of utilities bills or other charges on behalf of owners and compiling annual rent returns.


A team of 13 dedicated individuals from the Reservations team for the rental process, the Welcome Agents for key exchange and inventory, and the cleaning and logistics team for the preparation of the apartment.
- Full property service, from reservation confirmation, to arrival and check in, inventory and the state of the apartment documents, responsibility for utilities and internet service, cleaning and maintenance to management of insurance related issue aswell as advise on furnishing and renovation and owner improvements.


Association des Professionnels de la Location Meublée

Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau

Franco-British Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Chambre de commerce et d'industrie de Paris

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